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I Just had to write this for that friend of mine who skips lunch daily so he can afford to take her out for pizza over the weekend. Have a read!

Affairs of the Heart

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A friend of mine, Okaka (not his real name), approached me for advice on his relationship the other day. When it comes to love, Okaka and Njeri are your quintessential Alehandro and Camilla straight from a Mexican soap opera. I was a bit surprised to hear that the two doyens of love were amorously challenged, because theirs seemed like a modern day fairytale.

Okaka told me that of late, Njeri has become distant despite him providing her with all he could. He lamented that he was spending so much money on buying gifts and taking out Njeri for expensive dates, yet Njeri somehow did not reciprocate it by her actions. Okaka was convinced that he was swimming across oceans for Njeri, but somehow the latter could barely hop over a pond in return. Sex too had been a bone of contention in this deceptively varnished relationship. Doesn’t…

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